At Regina Coeli Catholic Primary School Beverly Hills, all staff work collaboratively within their roles to achieve the best possible outcomes for our community.

Leadership Team
Role Name
Principal Mr Chris Egan
Assistant Principal Mr Peter Busch
Acting REC Mrs Tania Melf
Coordinator Mrs Margaret Burdekin (English/Diverse Learning)
Coordinator Mrs Zarina Ross (Mathematics)
Coordinator Mrs Helen Carlton (Student Well-Being)
St George Network Literacy Support Specialist Mrs Grace Romano
Support Staff
Role Name
Diverse Learning/Special Needs Mrs Margaret Burdekin (Mon-Thurs)
Diverse Learning/Special Needs Ms Gisella Durante (Tues-Thurs)
Diverse Learning/Special Needs Mrs Melissa Crewes (LSO, Mon-Fri)
Year 1 Reading Intervention Support Mrs Milena Colussi (Mon-Wed)
Year 1 Reading Intervention Support Mrs Sue Neil (Thurs-Fri)
Learning Support Mrs Jeanette Kenna (Mon-Thurs)
Learning Support Mrs Christine Michael (Mon-Wed)
Learning Support Mrs Mandy Tunks (Mon-Wed)
Learning Support Mrs Danielle Purser (Wed-Thurs)
Learning Support Miss Chloe Goggi (Year 1 support, Mon & Tues)
EAL/D Mrs Elizabeth Spackman (Mon-Fri)
EAL/D Mrs Pauline Martin (Mon-Wed)
Gifted Education/STEM Mrs Elizabeth Webster (when she returns from leave in Semester 2)
Specialist Music Mrs Grace Campanaro (Mon-Fri)
Specialist Art Teacher Mrs Camille Padd (Mon-Fri)
Specialist PDHPE Miss Renae Anagnostopoulos (Mon-Fri)
Family Educator Mrs Ivana Naglic
Office Staff Mrs Lisa Allison (Mon-Fri)
Office Staff Mrs Jenny Xistouris (Mon-Fri)
Office Staff Mrs Diana Kazzi (Fri)
Learning Support Officers Mrs Abigail Claridge
Learning Support Officers Mrs Melissa Crewes
Learning Support Officers Mrs Simone Malouf
Learning Support Officers Mrs Patty Paxinos
Learning Support Officers Mrs Christine Walkerden
Role Name
KB Miss Talia Pilarinos
KG Mrs Tania Melfi (Mon-Tues)
KG Mrs Lenita Anatolitis (Wed-Fri)
KW Miss Melissa Ilardo
1B Mrs Natasha Vizza (Mon-Tues)
1B Miss Chloe Goggi (Wed-Fri)
1G Mrs Diana Minadeo (Mon-Wed)
1G Ms Jennifer Gatt (Thurs-Fri)
1W Mrs Tanya Modini (Mon-Thurs)
1W Mrs Elizabeth Spackman (Fri)
2B Mrs Elena Wallace (Mon-Wed)
2B Miss Angelica Agamemnonos (Thurs/Fri)
2G Mrs Zarina Ross (Mon-Tues, Thurs-Fri)
2G Miss Angelica Agamemnonos (Wed)
2W Mrs Joan Hansen (Mon-Tues, Thurs-Friday)
2W Ms Jennifer Gatt (Wed)
3B Miss Hannah Lattouf
3G Miss Rebecca Elaro
3W Miss Casandra Fayad
4B Miss Vanessa Azzopardi
4G Mrs Pennie Ofria
4W Miss Jessica Nguyen
5B Mrs Kirsty Forrester
5W Mrs Helen Carlton (Mon-Tues, Thurs-Fri)
5W Mrs Rana Mourad (Wed)
6B Mrs Nancy Ayad
6W Miss Jessica Moate