Students don’t need to look outside school for tuition in percussion, recorder or acoustic guitar. Expert teachers guide them as they learn to read music, play songs and even perform as part of everyday learning.

Our learning environments and teaching and learning resources are first rate, however we are very excited about a major school facilities expansion program commencing in 2021. This project will provide a new Stage 3 building, new library, music and art rooms, new canteen, and lots of flexible break-our spaces connected to each stage area. These spaces are designed to support students and teachers engage in collaborative learning. If you visit the school, make sure to look at the building plans on display in the school foyer.


Outdoor Learning

Regina Coeli is very well-resourced, and the best thing is we are currently planning to make our school even bigger and better through the building of a new school library, canteen and seven brand new classrooms.


Collaborative Spaces

Students of Regina Coeli Catholic Primary School Beverly Hills enjoy the use of technology and contemporary learning spaces to aid in their learning and social development.


Latest Resources

Every class in the school has the very latest Promethean interactive devices, ensuring we deliver the very best 21st century learning practice.